Science and Literature – working lunch 6th June 2013

The Newcastle Centre for the Literary Arts ( is looking for scientists who might be interested in talking to the writers and providing them with information and inspiration to incorporate science ideas into their fiction, scripts or poetry.

In order to start the process, the Newcastle Centre for the Literary Arts invited us to a working lunch on the 24th April. The meeting was quite successful, and the general framework of the collaboration has been decided.

The second meeting of the project took place 6th of June at the Institute of Genetic Medicine. The writers had a chance to see the research labs and ask questions about the research projects currently ongoing at the IGM. After the tours we had an informal debate around the subject of DNA manipulation and bioethics. A framework for a pilot grant application to the Wellcome Trust for a series of science inspired stories has been decided and will be followed up by Dr Helen Limon from School of English.

This and other similar projects are still open and looking for scientists willing to contribute their time and ideas so if you are interested in participating please drop us an email at