Faculty of Medical Sciences Restructure

From the 1 November 2019 the Faculty of Medical Sciences is changing. Three new research institutes support our research activity. They allow us to be responsive to global challenges.

A set of research themes unite researchers from different disciplines. They highlight our specialist knowledge and focus areas. 

Find out more about our new research institutes and themes.

The following websites are no longer active:

  • Institute for Ageing
  • Institute of Cellular Medicine
  • Institute for Cell and Molecular Biosciences
  • Institute of Health and Society
  • Institute of Genetic Medicine
  • Institute of Neuroscience
  • Northern Institute for Cancer Research

 If you followed a link to a page on one of these decommissioned websites, the following links should help you. If you were looking for:

For public engagement enquiries, please email Fms.engagement@newcastle.ac.uk