26th June 2014 – Arthritis Awareness Day

IGM scientists from Prof Mike Briggs’s and Dr Kasia Pirog’s groups took part in the Arthritis Awareness Day at the Baddiley-Clark building at Newcastle University on Thursday 26th June 2014. The day was aimed primarily at patients and members of the public, in order to raise awareness of arthritis and musculoskeletal research at Newcastle University amongst the patient groups in the North East and to facilitate the engagement and involvement of patients in the future research activities and projects.

Prof Briggs and Dr Pirog together with Prof Drew Rowan and Dr David Young at the Institute of Cellular Medicine are involved in a pan-European systems biology project (SYBIL, http://www.sybil-fp7.eu), which is bringing 18 research partners from across Europe in order to elucidate the signalling pathways and mechanisms involved in common and rare skeletal disorders.

The program of the workshop is attached below: