Past events


CaPP3 Study Information Session  – 2nd of November 2019

The CaPP3 study team organised an information session at the IGM lecture theatre, to inform Stand up to Cancer Fund raisers, patients and the public about their work and recent achievements.

Facing Addisons

Prof Simon Pearce (IGM) was involved in the Facing Addison’s project this summer The exhibition will be launched in London with a gala event for Addison’s Friends, our grant-awarding foundations and corporate sponsors” and is expected to tour the UK, calling at Newcastle as well.

Seminars at St Peter’s in York – September/October 2019

Students in Year 13 (ages 17-18) at St Peter’s School in York have recently founded a society for students interested in medicine & biochemistry. They invited the researchers from Newcastle University to give a 45min talk about their work. We were presenting there for 4 weeks, our talks were very well received and we were invited to come again next year! For details, click here. If you’d like to be involved and present at a later date or next year, please email us at We’ll provide support and cover your travel expenses.

7th October 2019 – Workshop for 6th form students at Haberdashers’ Adams School in Shropshire 

Alice Coomer and Chile Siachisumo from Elliot group at the IGM delivered a laboratory skills and career workshop at the Haberdashers’ Adams School in Shropshire in October, performing hands-on experiments and talking about their PhD projects, about applying for a PhD and about pursuing a career in academic research.

11th September 2019 – Thriving in a multi-disciplinary research team 

The Academy of Medical Sciences organised a free career development event at the Centre for Life, aimed at early career researchers. The event featured inspiring talks by early-mid career scientists and established professionals such as the IGM’s Prof Sir John Burn, and provided a unique opportunity for networking with peers and senior academics and clinicians. For more details, please click here.

19th of June 2019 – Better Together: The Evidence Behind the Headlines. A Group Consultation Public Engagement Event on Care and Research

IGM researchers representing MRC and Versus Arthritis funded Centre for Integrated research into Musculoskeletal Ageing (CIMA) took part in the MRC Festival of Medical Research in Newcastle, to demostrate how care is delivered in group consultations and allow the public to ask questions about healthcare problems including problems with muscles, bones and joints. Some of our students, junior scientists and leading researchers talked briefly in lay terms about their work and how it impacts on everyday life, including where this might lead to new treatments and what research the public might take part in locally for common problems like osteoarthritis. For more information, please click here.

1st of March 2019 – Black Box final lecture

To conclude the Black Box programme and to reflect on the way we work with Life, from the perspective of an artist, CNoS (Northumbria University) artist and Black Box curator Louise Mackenzie hosted a special lecture at the IGM lecture theatre

February 2019 – Black Box pop up

“Black Box” was a pop-up cinema installed at the IGM foyer this February, showcasing short videos generated by IGM scientists, Northumbria University as well as national and international artist and talking about genetics, biomedical research, ethical issues and difficult issues associated with modern science. “Black Box” was free and played on a repeated reel of 60 min with four themed weeks of movies, allowing people to pop along any time. “Black Box” was seen by over 250 people and was an exciting project, looking at science from a different perspective, trying to demystify science through a prism of art and lay interpretation.

26th of February 2019 – Women in film and science

To celebrate women in film and science we’ve organised a free screening of Art from the Northumbria Uni’s CNoS fine art research group at the Lit and Phil in Newcastle, followed by a discussion between the artists, Dr Ana Topf and Dr Kasia Piróg hosted by Prof Chirstine Borland.

25th of February 2019 – Rare Disease Symposium

The International Rare Disease Day Symposium on ‘Bridging Health & Social Care’ organised by the John Walton Muscular Dystrophy Research Centre and the IGM explored the often hidden needs & burden of rare diseases and showcased examples of how patients can receive more integrated, joined-up and holistic care to help them navigate health & social systems, receive high quality info on their conditions, and feel empowered

23rd February 2019 – Genetics Matters

Our 5th flagship Genetics Matters event was a success again! Part of the International Rare Disease Day, Genetics Matters is a public and patient engagement day that showcases genetic research in the North East. Thank you all for participating, we hope you enjoyed the day as much as we did! For more information, videos, photos and feedback from the event, please click here.

23rd January 2019 – Gosforth Genealogy Group

On the 23rd of January Dr Ian Wilson (IGM) was invited to talk to the Gosforth Genealogy group about  personal genomics and genealogy.

January 2019 – Teaching genetics in Italy

IGM alumni, Juliane Mueller and Michele Giunta were teaching genetics to high school students (16-18 y/o) over 3 days in January 2019.


8th October 2018 – The British Fertility Society information day

The British Fertility Society organised an educational event for local people who are studying Biology A level and are interested in careers in life sciences or Health Care, at the Newcastle Assembly Rooms on Monday the 8th of October. Prof Joris Veltman and Prof Mary Herbert from IGM both presented and there were talks on ethical component of research, as well as careers talks by a range of health care professionals. There was also a “careers speed dating” session and an interactive exhibition, including a laparoscopic model, a child birth model, science and clinical science (genetics, embryology, andrology) exhibits.

4th October 2018 – Dame Allan’s Schools biennial Higher Education & Careers Convention

Dame Allan’s Schools holds a biennial Higher Education & Careers Convention and invite presenters, employers, and universities to inspire and inform their students as they make plans for their future. We were there on the 4th of October, chatting about genetic research and academic life and inspiring the young minds. We showed some cool science too!

28th of September 2018 – Prostate Cancer UK patient information day  

Dr Jennifer Munkley from the IGM has organised a Prostate Cancer UK patient information day at the IGM on the 28th of September. The event was a huge success, with 80 patient visitors and included informal talks as well as hands on experiments and microscope demonstrations with real lab specimens. Congratulations and thank you for organising an amazing event!

Summer 2018 – Great Exhibition of the North 

Great Exhibition of the North was an event that held for six weeks across Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK, next year. The exhibition was a celebration of the art, design and innovation that has originated from the region and has influenced the wider world. The main exhibition was housed in the Great North Museum Hancock and included a display of ‘wow’ objects that have been loaned from national and international sources. The work of the Institute of Genetic Medicine was one of the stories at the exhibition. We were there on Saturday the 28th of July 11am-3pm showing simple experiments, share interesting stories that make you go ‘wow’.

20th of June 2018  “My Joints – in health and disease” – an MRC Festival of Medical Research event 

IGM and ICM scientists involved in the MRC funded CIMA (Centre for Integrated research into Musculoskeletal Ageing) project have organised an informative public engagement afternoon on Wednesday the 20th of June 2018 to chat to the members of the public about joints in health and disease, joint diseases and the impact of diet and exercise on joints’ health.

16th June 2018 – Soapbox Science 

Newcastle University hosted Soapbox Science for a fourth year this year with inspirational female Scientists from Newcastle taking to their soapboxes and wowing the local community with their cutting edge science! We commandeered Grey’s Monument in the City Centre on Saturday 16th June 2018 from 12pm- 3pm and our very own Dr Dorota Badowska was there talking about rare disease research and living with rare diseases. The event was free and a fantastic opportunity to meet and interact with local Scientists!

24th of February 2018 – Genetics Matters 

Our flagship Genetics Matters event was a success again! Part of the International Rare Disease Day, Genetics Matters is a public and patient engagement day that showcases genetic research in the North East. Packed with hands on experiments, presentations of cutting edge research and patient led sessions, it is a popular event that attracts 100-150 participants annually. Thank you all for participating, we hope you enjoyed the day as much as we did!

15th January 2018 – Whickham School Inspiration Evening 

The IGM was invited by the Wickham School to present genetic research at their Inspiration Evening organised for Year 10 and 11 students and their parents. The Evening was intended to offer the opportunity for students to hear from leading businesses,  professionals, entrepreneurs creatives and innovators about their chosen careers, vocations and occupations and offer a real world view of life after school and career pathways we can inspire young minds, challenge perceptions, open up a world of opportunity and help them to make informed post 16 choices.


7th December 2017 – Jarrow School visit 

On the 7th of December we were visited by 20 students from Jarrow School who had a look at the research and the labs, chatted with our scientists and attended the Christmas lecture at the Centre for Life.

November 2017 – Prof Mary Herbert at TEDMED 

Prof Mary Herbert from the IGM was one of the presenters at the prestigeous TEDMED conference in California where she explained the cutting edge mitochondrial donation. The full presentation can be seen here.

31st October 2017 – Newcastle Rare Disease Showcase 

The IGM in collaboration with Findacure hosted the first Newcastle Rare Disease Showcase, aimed at scientists, clinical researchers and doctors working with rare conditions and interested in forming new collaborations and discussing drug screening and repurposing for rare diseases. For more information, please click here

23rd August 2017 – BSA SciBar

Dr Lynsey Hall from the IGM was explaining genetics the fun way at the monthly SciBar organised by the British Science Association.

17th July 2017 – Biomedicine West Image Gallery

Images explaining IGM research have been selected from a panel submitted by the IGM scientists and turned into lightbox art to decorate the IGM West Wing reception. For details and to see the images, please click here

7th July 2017 – BHF Supporters Day NE

The Cardiovascular Research Centre helped organise the annual British Heart Foundation Supporters DayThe BHF supporters day, organised for local heart patients and their families. The day was held at the International Centre for Life and included tours around the cardiovascular labs at IGM to highlight our research.

19-23rd June 2017 – John Walton Centre Student Work Experience Week

John Walton Centre at the IGM held an experience week for year 11-13 students, consisting of an introduction to biomedical research, an opportunity to talk to young and senior scientists, the chance to shadow post-doctoral and PhD students along with the observation of various experiments and lab work, all overseen by one central supervisor.

23rd May 2017 – BSA SciBar

Dr Dorota Badowska from the John Walton Centre at the IGM talked about studying mental illness using mouse models at the monthly SciBar organised by the British Science Association.

15-17th May 2017 – Pint of Science

The Pint of Science is an annual festival that delivers interesting talks on the latest science research in an accessible format – mainly across bars and pubs, providing a platform which allows people to discuss research with the people who carry it out and no prior knowledge of the subject. The main festival takes place annually over 3 days in the month of May and simultaneously in hundreds of venues across the world, including the UK, Ireland, France, Italy, USA, Spain, Germany, Brazil, Australia, Canada, Austria and South Africa. One of the themes in 2017 was “Our bodies” and the IGM researchers (including our director!) came to a local pub to present their projects and chat with anyone who fancied to find out more about their research to over a pint.

1st May 2017 – Bridging the Gap between Curriculum and Careers Business Breakfast

Dame Allan’s Schools in Newcastle hosted a business breakfast event in partnership with the North East Local Enterprise Partnership across the region for schools and employers to look at GATSBY Benchmark 4, ‘Bridging the Gap between Curriculum and Careers.’  The event took place ahead of National Careers Week and National Apprenticeship Week (6th-10th March 2017) with the purpose to link schools, employers, higher education representatives and local enterprise work together to benefit students of the North East and to develop subject related careers ideas/links/resources that can be used back in schools/colleges during National Careers Week and beyond.  IGM Public Engagement Committee was invited to inform on the subject of Biology.

25th April 2017 – Bill Quay Primary School visit

In April we had a visit from 30 children from year 5 (age 9-10) from Bill Quay Primary School in Gateshead. The children got a full tour of the Institute, took part in an informal “questions and answers” session about genetics (with prof Michael Briggs and Dr Kasia Piróg) and participated in some exciting hands on experiments. We all enjoyed a fun morning of science and experiments!

25th February 2017 – Genetics Matters

3rd Genetics Matters, our flagship event emphasising the importance of rare disease research and the streghts of the North East genetics this year had >80 visitors and patient organisations from all over the UK, giving the memebrs of the public an opportunity to chat with the scientists, perform hands-on scientific experiments, hear the real stories of life with rare genetic diseases and find out how they can help advance research into some of these debilitating conditions. We also held a writing competition for local schools int eh North East around the theme of “Genetics”.

14th February 2017 – We love STEM

Dr Michele Giunta, Dr Juliane Mueller and Prof Rita Horvath participated in the ‘We Love STEM’  event organised on the 14th of February at the Newcastle High School for Girls. The exhibition showcased some of the work that the girls were doing in STEM. STEM experts (computer science, engineering, chemistry, biology, physics) from Newcastle and Northumbria University and North East businesses were also invited to present their work.  The IGM team showed their zebrafish research and talked about the cutting edge mitochondrial research done at Newcastle.


6th October 2016 – Dame Allan’s Schools biennial Higher Education & Careers Convention

Dame Allan’s Schools holds a biennial Higher Education & Careers Convention and invite presenters, employers, and universities to inspire and inform their students as they make plans for their future. We were there on the 6th of October, chatting about genetic research and academic life and inspiring the young minds.

September 2016 – Animals Inside Out: Bodyworlds at Centre for Life

In September we presented a “Meet the scientist” table at Centre for Life every weekend, to accompany the amazing “Animals Inside Out: Bodyworlds” exhibition. Our scientists were chatting with the visitors about evolution, the amazing research done at the IGM and the beauty and complexity of animal anatomy. For more details click here.

13th July 2016 – IGM Open Day for A level students

In July 2016 we hosted our popular Open Day for A-level students, a fun day of hands on science, presentations, lively debates and information sessions about life at the University and careers in science.

6th June 2016 – RPFB Patient Information Day 

Retinitis pigmentosa (RP) Fighting Blindness charity organisation and the Institute of Genetic Medicine organed a free patient information day at the IGM on the 6th of June 2016.

27th April 2016 – Newcastle SciBar

Prof Che Connon (IGM) talked about his research at the next edition of Newcastle SciBar at the Old George pub (NE1 1EZ).

9th of April 2016 – a dissemination event at the I.S.I.S.S. ‘CANTONI’ secondary school in Italy

Michele Giunta, a PhD student from the IGM and a Marie Curie fellows co-organised a dissemination event addressed to students of the secondary school “I.S.I.S.S. ‘CANTONI’” in order to share experiences, opportunities and knowledge around mitochondrial diseases. The event was held in Treviglio (Italy) on 9th of April 2016, and was included in the MEETers’ activities funded by European Commission in order to spread information about mitochondrial diseases and novel treatment avenues.

5th March 2016 – Cystinuria Patient Information Day

DrJohn Sayer from the IGM was involved in organising the 3rd Kidney Research funded patient inofrmation day around cystinuria, which was held at the Freeman Hospital.

27th February 2016 – Genetics Matters

On the 27th of February 2016 we held our popular “Genetics Matters” event at the International Centre for Life, as part of the international Rare Disease Day. The day included presentations form the leading Newcastle University scientists and patient organisations as well as meet the scientist tables, giving the participants a chance to chat about rare diseases and hear about the exciting state of the art research at Newcastle University.


31st October – Halloween Late at Life

Juliane Mueller and Michele Giunta from the IGM took part in the Halloween Late at Life this year ( and presented an exciting table entitled ‘Zombie, vampire and vlad tepes: how zebrafish mutants help us to understand the human body and diseases’.

15th July 2015 – 6th form Open Day

On Wed 15th of July we hosted our popular lower 6th form Open Day, inviting 50 participants from 8 schools across the North East to discuss and showcase genetic research at Newcastle and raise awareness of the importance of rare disease research.

27th March 2015 – ‘Participants not subjects – engaging patients and families in paediatric clinical research’ workshop

On Fri 27th of March the John Walton Muscular Dystrophy Research Centre at Newcastle organised a workshop entitled ‘Participants not subjects – engaging patients and families in paediatric clinical research’.

7th March 2015 – Polycystic Kidney Disease Information Day

Dr John Sayer form the Institute of genetic Medicine organised a Public Engagement workshop to explain the progress in research, diagnosis and clinical intervention Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease.

 27th February 2015 -”Genetics Matters” public workshop

On 27th of February we organised a workshop for the public, showcasing the work done at the IGM as part of the Rare Disease Day and explaining why genetic research and research into the rare diseases are of high importance in our society.


21st-22nd September – 1st Newcastle Achondroplasia Symposium

Prof Michael Briggs and Dr Michael Wright from the IGM helped sponsor and organise the 1st Newcastle Achondroplasia Symposium on 21-22 September, which saw members of The Restricted Growth Association, Child Growth Foundation, The Dwarf  Sports Association, The Little People of Ireland, Little People UK and Short Stature Scotland come together and agree to support clinicians who wish to improve the quality of healthcare services available to all people of restricted growth in the UK and Ireland.

September 2014 – Body Worlds exhibition at Centre for Life

Scientists from the Institute of Genetic Medicine hosted a series of exciting “Meet the Scientist” events at the world famous Body Worlds Vital exhibition at Centre for Life this autumn.

29th August 2014 – Move a Mile for Muscle

Hundreds of people all over the country were moving an extra special mile between 23 and 31 August to raise funds for vital research and support for families affected by muscle-wasting conditions. To join the exciting initiative, the IGM organised a Charity Sports Day to be held from 11:30am on Friday 29thAugust in Times Square, Centre for Life.

3rd July 2014 – Training workshop (Public Engagement)

Centre for Life have kindly provided some training for us prior to the “Meet the Scientist” event at the Body Worlds Vital exhibition in September.

2nd July 2014 – Open Day for A-level students

An Open Day at the Institute of Genetic Medicine, specifically targeted at A-level students considering a career in science

26th June 2014 – Arthritis Awareness Day

IGM scientists took part in the Arthritis Awareness Day at the Baddiley-Clark building at Newcastle University on Thursday 26th June 2014. The day was aimed primarily at patients and members of the public, in order to raise awareness of arthritis and musculoskeletal research at Newcastle University amongst the patient groups in the North East and to facilitate the engagement and involvement of patients in the future research activities and projects.

16-17th May 2014 – Thyroid Eye Disease Meeting

A unique event bringing together leading European and British experts on Thyroid Eye Disease (TED) and providing an opportunity for patients with TED, their families and carers, members of the public and pupils to meet European and UK experts to find out about the latest advances and together be involved in discussions about the priorities of future research into TED.

16th May 2014 – Genomic England meeting

Dr Chiara Marini Bettolo from the IGM was involved in the first Genomics England meeting held in Newcastle on the 16th of May 2014.

21st March 2014 – STEM careers day at Thomas Hepburn School, Gateshead

A STEM careers workshop aimed at year 10 and year 7 students.

28th February 2014 – Rare Disease Day

SYBIL EU-FP7 consortium members at the IGM embarked on a fun tour of Newcastle to raise awareness of rare disease research.

26th February 2014 – Science Day at Gosforth All Saints Beaver Scouts

An event at Gosforth Beaver Scouts, as part of the Science Badge, showcasing the science done at the IGM and showing the young Beavers that science is fun!


18th November 2013 – Opening up your Research (a public engagement event for researchers)

An event exploring the opportunities for researchers that include national competitions, prestigious prize lectures and paid opportunities to work with undergraduates developing their public engagement.

20th November 2013 – STEM event in Gateshead 

Biomedicine workshop at the STEM careers event at Gateshead College, aimed at level 3 A-level students.

3rd October – Exploring the Interface between Medicine/Health and the Arts/Humanities

A Tyne and Wear based networking event, providing an opportunity for people from all 4 disciplines (Medicine, Health, Arts and Humanities) from an education, research or creative practice background to come together in a room to share ideas, make contacts and promote collaboration.

Young Science Writers award ceremony (British Science Festival 2013)

The Young Science Writing Competition centred around the theme of DNA was hosted by the Institute of Genetic Medicine at Newcastle University as part of the British Science Festival 2013.  We received hundreds of excellent entries ranging in style from science fiction to scientific journalism in three age categories from schools across the Tyne and Wear area.

Life Site Tours (British Science Festival 2013)

The IGM Public Engagement Committee, together with the Centre for Life and the NHS Fertility Clinic hosted the free site tours, offering a unique glimpse behind the scenes of the Centre for Life research labs and facilities as part of the British Science Festival 2013. The tours took place on 7th and 8th of September and included a chance to meet some of the people working at Life on the ground-breaking research.

British Science Festival 7th-12th September 2013

Europe’s largest and longest running science event organised by the British Science Association, the Festival was hosted by Newcastle University, in association with Northumbria University and Newcastle City Council.

Science and Literature – working lunch 6th June

Second meeting of the SciTalk project.

SciTalk April 2013 (connecting writers and scientists)

The Newcastle Centre for the Literary Arts started an exciting project connecting scientists with writers and providing them with information and inspiration to incorporate science ideas into their fiction, scripts or poetry.

A field trip from the School of Geography at Queen Mary, University of London

On 26th of March 2013, a group of 1st year Geography students from University of London visited Newcastle to consider the city’s investment in the life sciences, and in particular looking at Newcastle as a Science City and the impact of it on local communities.


A-level students’ open day – December 2012

On 5th December 2012 we hosted an open day for A-level students from the schools around the North East. We invited 80 A-level students from 8 schools to have a look around the labs, learn a few techniques, hear exciting talks about the current research at the IGM and participate in the ethical debate about animal use in science, which was all very well received.