Use of human tissues for education and training purposes (HTA)

The HTA’s position statement on education and training can be found at this link:  There are two factors to consider – licensing and consent.  The key points of note were summarized by Mhairi Anderson (



For anyone who wishes to conduct engagement activities with school groups, make sure that:

  • The pupils are from a primary or secondary school group- this includes 6th form either in a school or a college.
  •  If the students are older (college, University) that you inform Mhairi or Andy Hall, so that they can work towards putting the appropriate documentation and procedures in place before any engagement activities occur.
  • The group have been invited as a closed group, and the material isn’t being displayed in a public place.
  • If material is taken out of the University for education and training that ISN’T for primary or secondary school or 6th form, that the premises the material is being taken to is appropriately licensed under the HTA.
  • The material was taken from the living and/or collected pre-1st September 2006. If it is from the deceased you must have explicit consent to use the samples in education and training.


If you have any questions, please contact:

 picture.phpMhairi Anderson

Quality Assurance and Development Manager,

& Person Designate for the Newcastle University Research Sector HTA Licence (Ref. 12534) Newcastle Biomedicine Biobank, Newcastle University

+44 191 282 5501