Events 2019

CaPP3 Study Information Session  – 2nd of November 2019

The CaPP3 study team organised an information session at the IGM lecture theatre, to inform Stand up to Cancer Fund raisers, patients and the public about their work and recent achievements.

Facing Addisons

Prof Simon Pearce (IGM) was involved in the Facing Addison’s project this summer The exhibition will be launched in London with a gala event for Addison’s Friends, our grant-awarding foundations and corporate sponsors” and is expected to tour the UK, calling at Newcastle as well.

Seminars at St Peter’s in York – September/October 2019

Students in Year 13 (ages 17-18) at St Peter’s School in York have recently founded a society for students interested in medicine & biochemistry. They invited the researchers from Newcastle University to give a 45min talk about their work. We were presenting there for 4 weeks, our talks were very well received and we were invited to come again next year! For details, click here. If you’d like to be involved and present at a later date or next year, please email us at We’ll provide support and cover your travel expenses.

7th October 2019 – Workshop for 6th form students at Haberdashers’ Adams School in Shropshire 

Alice Coomer and Chile Siachisumo from Elliot group at the IGM delivered a laboratory skills and career workshop at the Haberdashers’ Adams School in Shropshire in October, performing hands-on experiments and talking about their PhD projects, about applying for a PhD and about pursuing a career in academic research.

11th September 2019 – Thriving in a multi-disciplinary research team 

The Academy of Medical Sciences organised a free career development event at the Centre for Life, aimed at early career researchers. The event featured inspiring talks by early-mid career scientists and established professionals such as the IGM’s Prof Sir John Burn, and provided a unique opportunity for networking with peers and senior academics and clinicians. For more details, please click here.

19th of June 2019 – Better Together: The Evidence Behind the Headlines. A Group Consultation Public Engagement Event on Care and Research

IGM researchers representing MRC and Versus Arthritis funded Centre for Integrated research into Musculoskeletal Ageing (CIMA) took part in the MRC Festival of Medical Research in Newcastle, to demostrate how care is delivered in group consultations and allow the public to ask questions about healthcare problems including problems with muscles, bones and joints. Some of our students, junior scientists and leading researchers talked briefly in lay terms about their work and how it impacts on everyday life, including where this might lead to new treatments and what research the public might take part in locally for common problems like osteoarthritis. For more information, please click here.

1st of March 2019 – A Celebration of Life – Black Box final lecture

To conclude the Black Box programme and to reflect on the way we work with Life, from the perspective of an artist, CNoS (Northumbria University) artist and Black Box curator Louise Mackenzie hosted a special lecture at the IGM lecture theatre

February 2019 – Black Box pop up

“Black Box” was a pop-up cinema installed at the IGM foyer this February, showcasing short videos generated by IGM scientists, Northumbria University as well as national and international artist and talking about genetics, biomedical research, ethical issues and difficult issues associated with modern science. “Black Box” was free and played on a repeated reel of 60 min with four themed weeks of movies, allowing people to pop along any time. “Black Box” was seen by over 250 people and was an exciting project, looking at science from a different perspective, trying to demystify science through a prism of art and lay interpretation.

26th of February 2019 – Women in film and science

To celebrate women in film and science we’ve organised a free screening of Art from the Northumbria Uni’s CNoS fine art research group at the Lit and Phil in Newcastle, followed by a discussion between the artists, Dr Ana Topf and Dr Kasia Piróg hosted by Prof Chirstine Borland.

25th of February 2019 – Rare Disease Symposium

The International Rare Disease Day Symposium on ‘Bridging Health & Social Care’ organised by the John Walton Muscular Dystrophy Research Centre and the IGM explored the often hidden needs & burden of rare diseases and showcased examples of how patients can receive more integrated, joined-up and holistic care to help them navigate health & social systems, receive high quality info on their conditions, and feel empowered

23rd February 2019 – Genetics Matters

Our 5th flagship Genetics Matters event was a success again! Part of the International Rare Disease Day, Genetics Matters is a public and patient engagement day that showcases genetic research in the North East. Thank you all for participating, we hope you enjoyed the day as much as we did!

For more information, videos, photos and feedback from the event, please click here.

23rd January 2019 – Gosforth Genealogy Group

On the 23rd of January Dr Ian Wilson (IGM) was invited to talk to the Gosforth Genealogy group about  personal genomics and genealogy.

January 2019 – Teaching Genetics in Italy

IGM alumni, Juliane Mueller and Michele Giunta were teaching genetics to high school students (16-18 y/o) over 3 days in January 2019.