How to enter

TypewriterIf you have a great idea stored in your head, we recommend you type it up on a word processor. Don’t forget to save it at regular intervals. Once you’re happy with it, and it is within the word count of 500 words, you will need to fill out the online form which you can access just here:

Send us your story.

(If you are under 16yrs old we recommend you complete this form with an adult present)

The criteria – what the judges are looking for:

In 500 words or less….

A story you have made up yourself.

Characters we can care about.

Ideas that matter.

A story that we wanted to read to the very end.

A story where the science was at the heart of the drama.

And last, but not least, before you send it in, check your work for accurate spelling and appropriate punctuation.

The rules can be found here