Bitesize Engagement Session for Researchers 28th July 2015

Bitesize Engagement Session

‘Planning Engagement to maximise impact’.

Date: Tuesday 28th July 2015
Time: 12:00-13:00
Venue: Baddiley-Clark Seminar Room
Speakers: Dr Pauline Addis, Faculty Impact Officer
Helen Atkinson, Engagement Support Co-ordinator

So what’s research impact all about? Do you want to know more about what it is and why it’s important? In this session the impact officer and engagement team will talk you through the process, including discussing a REF submitted case study and one with potential impact. There will be an opportunity to discuss impact with reference to your own research in small groups and with the impact officer.

This session will look at different types of impact and how to start planning engagement now to enhance your research.

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