Meet the Scientist sessions at the “Animals Inside Out: Bodyworlds” at Centre for Life

animal-inside-out-a-body-worlds-production-59839-gw-life-aio-home-page-banner-800x360pxIn September we will be presenting a “Meet the scientist” table at Centre for Life every weekend, to accompany the amazing “Animals Inside Out: Bodyworlds” exhibition. Come over for a chat and find out about evolution, the amazing research done at the IGM and the beauty and complexity of animal anatomy.

Schedule of presentations:

Saturday 3rd     Mitochondrial diseases/Rare skin cancers

Sunday 4th          Muscular dystrophies/Engineering cartilage

Saturday 10th Cartilage biology/Long bone growth

Saturday 17th  The future of mlecular diagnostics

Sunday 18th      Heart biology/Rare skin cancers

Saturday 24th  Cartilage diseases and ageing

Sunday 25th      Endoplasmic reticulum in development and disease