A 3 day teaching opportunity in Italy, January 2019

Liceo Scientifico G. Bruno (Melzo, near Milan, Italy) are looking for 2 PhD students or postdocs in any scientific discipline (biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics or chemistry) to teach science (in English) to high school students (16-18 y/o) for a total of 30 hours (15 hours each) over 3 days (5 hours/day from 8.10 AM to 1.10 PM in January 2019.

The school will provide 80 euro/each for travel and 10 euro/hour of teaching. They will also provide a certificate of the hours taught. The PhD students/postdocs will be hosted by the families for as long as they like (if they want to stay and do a bit of sightseeing afterwards).

If you’re interested please send your CV to IGMengagement@ncl.ac.uk and we’ll forward it to the school for shortlisting. Thank you!