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Bitesize Engagement Session for Researchers 28th July 2015

Bitesize Engagement Session

‘Planning Engagement to maximise impact’.

Date: Tuesday 28th July 2015
Time: 12:00-13:00
Venue: Baddiley-Clark Seminar Room
Speakers: Dr Pauline Addis, Faculty Impact Officer
Helen Atkinson, Engagement Support Co-ordinator

So what’s research impact all about? Do you want to know more about what it is and why it’s important? In this session the impact officer and engagement team will talk you through the process, including discussing a REF submitted case study and one with potential impact. There will be an opportunity to discuss impact with reference to your own research in small groups and with the impact officer.

This session will look at different types of impact and how to start planning engagement now to enhance your research.

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Scientific Publishing with {react} magazine, 3 June 2015 1-2pm

reactlogo{react} Magazine is a Newcastle University innovation fund project which has been a tremendous success. The magazine’s manifesto is: to talk about science in a user-friendly and engaging way, focussing on the truly fascinating part it plays in our every day lives; to bring current research at Newcastle University to a wide range of people within and outside of the university; to promote learning, debate and discussion on contemporary scientific issues; to provide a dynamic platform for the promotion of science; to allow researchers and academics to present their work to new audiences and to help them to develop as science writers and to produce beautiful, interesting and thought provoking articles which are just as much a joy to read as they are for us to write (see

The research students who have set up this project are now about to leave the University and we need new blood to keep the magazine going. If you are interested in hearing more please sign up for this informal session over lunch. Research Students, Research Staff and academic staff are all welcome to be involved.


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Bitesize Engagement Session for Researchers 30th June 2015

Topic: Planning Engagement to Maximise Impact
Date: Tuesday 30th June 2015
Time: 12:00-13:00
Location: Baddiley-Clark Seminar Room

Speaker: Dr Pauline Addis, Faculty Research Impact Officer, Newcastle University

This session will look at different types of impact and how to start planning engagement now to enhance your research.

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Performing Research

Join the Performing Research group and explore how theatre and drama can be used to develop public engagement and academic impact and complement your research and teaching skills!  

Tuesdays: 14th April – 19th May 6:15pm-9:15 pm

Space 4/5, Culture Lab, Newcastle University 

Theatre company Cap-a-Pie, in residency at Newcastle University, is exploring how theatre can create appropriate and rewarding impact, a vehicle for disseminating research and a means of conducting community engaged research. Performing Research explores how theatre and drama processes builds, strengthens and adds value to partnerships between universities and communities.  Cap-a-Pie is developing a programme of theatre-based research at Newcastle University that is engaging local communities and theatre audiences and creating impact for researchers. We hope this will be a project that researchers, and the communities we work and learn alongside, will truly value and be proud of. 

Performing Research – Studio offers a series of highly practical, playful and reflective workshops. Cap-a-Pie will lead an exploration into how theatre can create new knowledge and understandings within an academic research context, as well discover how we can turn your ideas and explorations into exciting pieces of theatre. Throughout, these creative workshops will be underpinned and contextualised within an academic and artistic framework, as we are eager to discover the ways theatre making skills relate to academic research and teaching in Higher Education. Performing Research – Studio is open to all Newcastle University staff and students who are keen to work in a creative and cross-disciplinary context. Please wear comfortable clothes and be ready to join in. You really don’t need any theatrical experience. An open mind and a willingness to get involved by sharing your creative and critical thinking is all we ask for. 

This project has limited availability so please book early via our sign up form or by phone on 07796 478 024. 

We are always happy to meet researchers on a one-to-one basis. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Cap-a-Pie on 07796 478 024 or email if you’d like to discuss any ideas/questions you have.

‘Participants not subjects – engaging patients and families in paediatric clinical research’ workshop

On Fri 27th of March the John Walton Muscular Dystrophy Research Centre at Newcastle organised a workshop entitled ‘Participants not subjects – engaging patients and families in paediatric clinical research’. The morning was well attended by the public engagement and patient involvement officers across the Faculty of Medical Sciences, experts in ethics and representatives of the patient groups.The workshop was a great success and gathered feedback from such a wide range of backgrounds and viewpoints. Here’s the final report.