DIY Experiments

Why not have a go and try out some science experiments yourself? All of the demonstrations listed below are fun, easy to do, and require simple equipment that you’re likely to have at home or can easily buy from a supermarket. Click on a picture to see instructions for the experiment and to discover the science behind it!

biologyBiology Experiments

Create curly potato fries using a phenomenon called osmosis.
You will need: potatoes, a knife, chopping board, two bowls, salt
Can you guess the flavour of a sweet without seeing or smelling it?
You will need: starbursts or jelly beans


chemistryChemistry Experiments

Big Bangs and Fire

Lunch with a bang! Just make sure you eat your food first!
You will need: vinegar, bicarbonate of soda, water, Ziploc bag
Discover the science of fire and make your own mini fire extinguisher.
You will need: a candle, lighter/match, vinegar, bicarbonate of soda, a cup.
A bonfire special – learn which 3 things are needed to make fire along with what happens when you take these things away.
You will need: a candle, lighter/match, bowl, plastic cup, water

Kitchen Chemistry

Create delicious homemade ice cream whilst learning about chemical bonds and why we put salt on icy roads.
You will need: salt, ice, cream, milk, sugar, vanilla extract, ziplock bags
A bubbling reaction that produces a super sweet chemical.
You will need: a pan, hob, wooden spoon, syrup, sugar, bicarbonate of soda, baking tray
A acid-alkali chemical reaction that happens in your mouth!
You will need: sugar, citric acid, bicarbonate of soda
Create your own edible sugar crystals with a super-saturated solution.
You will need: a glass, skewer, sugar, water, pegs

States of Matter

A colourful display of density and chemical reactions.
You will need: a clear beaker/glass, oil, water, food colouring, Alka Seltzer tablets
A festive favourite – create fake snow that is actually cold too.
You will need: shaving foam, bicarbonate of soda, a bowl
How to mix oil and water and the science behind it.
You will need: oil, water, washing up liquid, bottle
A balloon with air and a balloon with water – which withstands heat better and why?
You will need: balloons, water, lighter
Is it a solid? Is it a liquid? Find out and discover how to make your own oobleck!
You will need: water, cornflour, food colouring, spoon, bowl
Can’t get enough slime? Here are a very more slimey recipes for you.
You will need: bowl, spoon, highlighter, liquid glucose, iron fillings, strong magnet, cornflour, water, nappy, salt

More Chemistry Experiments

With this sparkling reaction, your coins will look as good as new.
You will need: copper coins, vinegar, salt, a bowl.
Make festive decorations with a snowy look by growing salt crystals on them.
You will need: pipe cleaners, string, salt, a bowl, boiling water
Can you get a paperclip to float on water? It’s not as easy as it sounds. Find out how water tension can help.
You will need: a bowl, water, paperclip, tissue paper, pencil
Make your very own polymer plastic that you can mould into any shape you like.
You will need: milk, vinegar, bowl, sieve, kitchen roll, microwave
Discover the power of washing up liquid in this colourful demonstration.
You will need: whole milk, food colouring, washing up liquid, cotton bud


computerscienceComputer Science Experiments

Amaze your friends by guessing their birthday using binary cards.
No equipment needed!


mathsMaths Experiments

Challenge your friends to this strategic game and learn about game theory to ensure you’ll always win!
You will need: 12 pegs, scarf/paper
Try out our STEM themed treasure hunt around the world without leaving your seat.
No equipment needed!


physicsPhysics Experiments


Can you put a skewer all the way through a balloon without popping it?
You will need: balloon, skewer.
Challenge your friends to overcome friction to pull two books apart.
You will need: two books with at least 100 pages.
Discover why two forks make it so much easier to balance a cork on your finger.
You will need: a cork, two forks.
Is there a force that can overcome gravity and prevent a mug from falling to the floor? Yes – there’s two!
You will need: string, pencil, bolt, metal mug
Learn the science of skipping stones to get the most skips next time you’re at the beach.
You will need: a large calm body of water, a flat stone


The challenge here is to lift a bottle of rice without touching it.
You will need: a bottle, rice, pencil
Make a mini submarine in a bottle that can go up and down in water just like a real submarine!
You will need: bottle, water, ketchup sachet, salt.

Electricity, Sound and Light

Given an electric charge, it’s very simple to bend water – here’s how.
You will need: balloon, water, clean dry hair.
This is actually how the sound effects were created in Star Wars – discover the science behind the sound!
You will need: a metal slinky, cup, strings
Make a glass jar disappear into it’s very own invisibility cloak.
You will need: two Pyrex beakers, oil.


psychologyPsychology Experiments

An optical illusion that will make your head spin!
No equipment needed!
A Valentine’s Special – another optical illusion to leave you in a
No equipment needed!