What we Do

Faculty of Medical Sciences (FMS) Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) at Newcastle University UK is a department that focuses on the development and implementation of technology-enhanced teaching and learning resources for the faculty’s students and staff. The department aims to enhance the student experience by providing innovative, interactive, and engaging educational materials, such as e-learning modules, virtual simulations, and interactive case studies.

FMS TEL provides support and training to staff to help them effectively integrate technology into their teaching. The department also collaborates with academic staff to design and develop online course materials that align with the University’s educational objectives and learning outcomes.

The department uses a range of digital tools and technologies, including virtual and augmented reality, to create immersive and interactive learning experiences. It also employs a team of experts in e-learning, instructional design, and multimedia production to help ensure that the materials produced are of the highest quality.

In addition, FMS TEL provides ongoing support and advice to students, helping them to get the most out of the technology-enhanced learning resources available to them. The department also works closely with the faculty’s IT support team to ensure that the necessary technical infrastructure is in place to deliver a seamless and effective learning experience.

Overall, FMS TEL at Newcastle University UK plays a crucial role in enabling the faculty to provide an engaging, effective, and innovative learning experience to its students. By leveraging the latest technology and pedagogical approaches, the department helps to prepare students for the demands of the modern world and equips them with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in their future careers.